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Here at Woking Waste Management, we offer a plethora of services regarding the Disposal of Electrical Appliances. This includes recycling computers, televisions, fridges, home appliances, audio equipment, radios, printers, cameras, electrical cookers, kettles, toasters, hair dryers, electric radiators, electric fires, boilers, power sources, transformers, electric fans, batteries and even more.

All of the items listed above are all subject to WEEE Regulations for electric goods. The list above is by no means a complete list as all electrical items are covered with these regulations, including things like electric blankets, childrens’ electric toys not to mention horticulture equipment like electric lawnmowers and so on. WEEE regulations are significant for the right recycling of electric appliances as wrong waste disposal will put our surroundings in danger of pollution that no one wants. We operate a flexible WEEE collection service for the Surrey area and you’ll find that we’ll make certain your electric rubbish is taken away right and legally and that no damage to the surroundings from contamination happens and WEEE regulations are observed.

You’ll locate our WEEE collection quotations incredibly competitive, and our collections of electric waste cheaper than hiring an identical size skip. As a responsible Licensed Waste Carrier we are recycling up to 80% of all the rubbish we gather including WEEE electric equipment. Small collection times are pre-arranged, though we are adaptable and we make an effort to satisfy our customers’ conditions. We’ll manage to provide you with an unbeatable competitive WEEE quotation should you phone us and tell us your precise requirements.

Please remember that the larger the WEEE rubbish sums you want us to gather, the larger the discount we’ll have the capacity to use. Responsible, government-licensed WEEE Commercial Waste/Rubbish Disposal Company London small regulations are compulsory and new regulations will probably be introduced in 2014. Visit our Waste Services home page for more information. We’re just a phone call away.

Our WEEE Service is fast, dependable and efficient. Our working drivers are considerate and will undertake extra jobs if required by agreement on extra costs involved. We’re determined to meet our customers’ changing needs and support sustainable recycling for the benefit of the communities we serve.

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