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What is Plastic Waste Recycling?

Plastics are an ever-increasing portion of solid waste. Plastics can be found in all major solid waste categories, but containers and packaging had the greatest plastic volume in 2018, with over 14.5 million tons. Another packaging, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and jars, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) natural bottles, and other containers are included in this category. Plastic is also used in durable goods such as appliances, furniture, lead-acid battery casings, and other items.

Plastic must be collected, sorted, shredded, washed, melted, to be recycled. However, there are different techniques for different types of plastics. Another noteworthy advancement in the field of plastic recycling has been the development of higher-value uses for recycled polymers in closed-loop recycling systems. PET sheets for thermoforming in the UK, for example, have been able to incorporate 50% to 70% recycled PET since 2005, thanks to the usage of A/B/A layer sheets. End-of-life plastic management is impossible without recycling. Increased public awareness and the efficiency of recycling processes have resulted in higher recycling rates. Continuous investment in research and development will help to improve operational efficiency.

How is Plastic Waste Recycled?

Several methods and organizations are involved in turning plastic recycling into new products. 

Recycling the Old Fashioned Way

This is the most often used recycling process. Mechanical recycling is another term for traditional recycling. Thermoplastic materials can be recycled using this technology.

Melting plastics and converting them into new plastic goods is the classic recycling method. After melting the plastic, recyclers use an injection moulding technique to turn it into new items.

Advanced Recycling Techniques

Advanced recycling is a method of breaking down plastic by the use of chemicals. This method is made up of three different techniques. Pyrolysis, chemical recycling, and gasification are examples of these processes.

Pyrolysis is a process for converting plastic waste into crude oil. Chemical recycling is the process of converting a polymer into a monomer that can be used to make new products. Chemical recycling, for example, is used to create nylons.

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