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Due to our innovative approach to waste management, we contribute to the fight against climate change and pursue sustainable food waste management practices. This is because, contrary to popular belief, food waste is a major contributor to climate change. Contact us today at 01784 530 610 to learn how we can recycle your food waste environmentally friendly. Recycling is a term that is becoming increasingly popular. On top of the food waste, we will also collect your non-recyclable general commercial waste for disposal with energy recovery when possible, and we will provide you with all the necessary equipment.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please feel free to contact one of our experienced representatives. Firstly, they’ll conduct a waste audit to determine your current and future waste generation and then they’ll plan a comprehensive program for you that takes care of storage, collection, and recycling rebates.

What is Food Waste Recycling?

Food waste recycling refers to the process of transforming food waste into new products that can be used. The typical scenario is that a used product is recycled and replaced with the same new product. The procedure aids in great waste reduction, and in the case of food waste, combating global warming. Even using food waste for agriculture or gardening (composting) is considered material recycling.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) defines food waste as food that is fit for consumption but is not consumed either because of its choice or because it has spoiled or expired. There is no distinction between processed, semi-processed, or raw foods for human consumption. All stages of the global food value chain result in food loss and waste, from agricultural production to final consumption. Post-harvest and post-processing stages generate waste at every step, including transport, storage, processing, and distribution. It is estimated that 40% of the food value chain’s total loss is attributable to final consumption (both commercial and home).

Benefits of Food Waste Recycling

The advantages of food waste recycling are enormous. Recycling is highly important because it has gotten a lot of attention and has a lot of potential in the future. Recycling is always the best option, regardless of the product. It can be done everywhere, from our homes to the largest corporations. Food waste recycling offers the following benefits:

Waste minimization: Waste spills over the surrounding land would be significantly reduced, as would disposal. There will be no waste left when all of the waste or used products have been recycled. Waste disposal is a critical issue in our society, as it is producing a slew of problems. Recycling is always the best option in this situation.

Pollution is avoided: When new, fresh raw materials are employed, there is a high risk of pollution from poisonous chemicals or greenhouse gases being released. Furthermore, waste spillage does not occur while it is being recycled. These two characteristics help to keep the environment from being polluted at an alarming rate.

Preservation of resources: The consumption of fresh resources for manufacturing is greatly reduced when food waste is recycled. Furthermore, we get more from recycling food waste including fuel and fertilisers. The conservation of energy is a way of conserving resources for future generations, just as our forefathers did for us.

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