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Clinical Waste Management Woking

When dealing with clinical waste management, it is critical that businesses in the UK follow the authorities’ “duty of care,” and any company that fails to do so could face a hefty fine if found guilty in court. Having the clinical waste removed from your site will make it a safer place for people to work, and you can rest assured that your waste is being handled safely by licensed personnel. Please contact us right away on 01784 530 610 or fill in the form for a quick call-back and a free quote.

Any business or facility can benefit from our services, and we can provide you with affordable rates and discounts. With over 17 years of experience, we can provide the best possible guidance on how to handle your problem wastes and provide cost-effective solutions that adhere to all current rules.

What is Clinical Waste?

Clinical waste is defined as waste that has been generated by medical, dental, pharmaceutical, or skin penetration activities that contain human tissue, blood, or other bodily fluids. However, it excludes hair, teeth, and nails, and that has the potential to cause injury, infection, or offence to the senses (smell and eyes). We have the ability to cope with little as well as large amounts of frequently produced clinical waste. Whatever your needs are, whether you need regular management or a one-time disposal demand, we can help and will always provide the same level of professionalism no matter how big or small the work is. 

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, adaptable, and cost-effective solution for a variety of clinical waste management needs. We strive to address the diverse needs of our clients while maintaining great quality and value in all conditions. This is beneficial to both the environment and the economy. We will endeavour to provide the level of service that you demand, allowing you to focus on other important matters. It is crucial to identify and assess the hazards associated with clinical and healthcare wastes, like any other waste. The disposal and regulation of clinical and healthcare waste ought to be regulated, licensed, or exempted, depending on the risks they pose and the best way that is possible is through a waste management company.

Clinical Waste Management Woking

Neither human nor environmental health risks are exempted from the potential for clinical waste. These risks range from the direct injury caused by sharps disposal to indirect human injuries caused by medical waste-contaminated air, water, and land. Infectious components, including sharp objects and human tissues, are found in clinical waste. A lack of proper recovery of clinical wastes would lead to a rise in these types of hazards, and incorrect medical waste management in the past has been linked to various serious health risks.

Unfortunately, when waste collectors are not properly trained in clinical waste management, common medical waste infractions arise. There are several causes for this, including:

  • The failure to segregate medical waste correctly due to less clinical waste knowledge.
  • Being non compliant by not following the regulation and rules of clinical waste management.
  • Insufficient employee training on the separation, treatment, and disposal of medical waste .

At Woking Waste, we ensure to offer daily training to our staff so that they remain compliant with the clinical waste management rules and regulations. Your clinical waste is collected, transported, and securely disposed of on-site. As an ecologically concerned business, one of our obligations is to provide recycling choices; we ensure that recyclables are sorted so landfills are not overwhelmed. Our service makes it easy to dispose of clinical waste, including sharps, in a cost-effective, efficient, and compliant manner.

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