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Aerosol Desposal Woking

Woking Waste Management are experts in the collection, disposal and recycling of used and empty aerosols.

Woking Waste Management prefer to use recycling routes over landfill. All aerosol aerosols are recyclable. Therefore, together with our business associates, we use recycling routes to cope with them. Our disposal and recycling service complies with the hazardous waste regulations 2005. Aerosols are classed as hazardous waste since they contain flammable propellants and harmful or noxious products. They must be segregated from your general waste stream for specialist disposal. Empty and used aerosols should all be treated in exactly the same way. The recycling process involves the separation and collection of propellants, liquids and alloy casing for recycling. The recycling activities taken with used and empty aerosols likewise, makes our recycling service successful from both environmental and cost standpoints.

Woking Waste Management is now able to offer the collection, destruction and recycling of aerosols, with complete recovery of all parts. Our business associates squash and compact the aerosol cans which enables the separation of the respective products. All the propellants are captured and compressed, they are afterwards used as support fuel, treated or incinerated. The liquids are collected and recycled, blended as fuel treated or incinerated.

WWM’s all inclusive bundle offers professional, affordable service and quick results to benefit you and your establishment in the most productive possible way.

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